Immigration: Amnesty, Deportation, And Sanctuary Cities Part 3

Amnesty is defined as an act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole. Amnesty is a dirty word in political circles if you are a republican, but a vote getting policy if you are democrat. Most democrats I know portray it as the compassionate and caring thing to do to protect families. Democrats want amnesty, and push it as a way to get more votes whether they want to admit it or not. Why wouldn’t an illegal immigrant want amnesty and then in turn vote for the party that gave it to them? That is just simple human nature. It isn’t necessarily nefarious behavior on the part of the immigrant, but it is on the part of Democrats. It is tragic that they use this issue, and manipulate entire people groups to get votes, and this behavior extends far beyond immigration. Just look at Abortion, and the Equal Rights movement.

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