Palm Sunday, 2017

I will get the “Trigger Warning” out of the way at the front. This will not be a post that a lot of people will like. I am not writing this as a Christian, but rather as a fed up American. As I write this, today is Palm Sunday 2017. I woke to see that 2 Coptic Christian Churches were bombed today in Egypt. My initial reaction was shock, but it quickly turned to assuming it was Islamic Terrorism yet again. I was not surprised to see that my initial gut instinct was right. It isn’t much of a leap these days to guess that a terror attack on Christians, or Jews, is done by Islamic Terrorists.

I have met several Muslims in my life. They have been kind, and caring people. On the surface that is well and good but they were never willing to take a stand against Islamic Terrorists, but they were quick to point out the faults of Christians, Jews, and America. I admit that the Crusades were a horrific event carried out by the Catholic Church, and that we are still paying the price for their sins today. I understand the plight of the Palestinian people, and the wrongs that have done to them by Israel. As someone who loves history I understand all too well what America has done to not just the Middle East, but what we have done as a nation to rest of the world in the name of Peace and spreading Democracy. Just today I see people posting pictures of Muslims donating blood for the wounded in the bombings. Now there is no way to say how old this picture is but there is one thing that stands out to me. All of the Muslims giving blood are women. Not a single man is giving blood. Perhaps there were men and this person didn’t post pictures of that. In my opinion this picture speaks a thousand words as to how Islam works outside of America mostly, but there are no doubt places here where this kind of behavior occurs in America.


I know that we shouldn’t paint with such broad strokes when talking about a group of people but I feel compelled to do so on this subject. Once again people have been attacked by individuals who represent the “Religion of Peace”. Time after time since 1990’s I have watched as Muslims have committed countless terror attacks. I know it has been going on well since before the 90’s but I was too young in the 70’s and 80’s to understand it. This is an Islamic problem that has spilled over into a problem across the globe. There can be no justification for the taking of innocent lives. Be it in War or acts of terror. The difference it that Terror is intentionally directed at innocent people.These bombers are just 2 in a long line of cowards who have maimed and murdered in the name of Islam, Allah, and Mohamed. Liberals will continue to say that Islam is a religion of peace and that these people are distorting Islam. Let’s just cut through the PC bullcrap and call a spade a spade. Islamic Terrorists are a Fact. You can spin it all you want to but Islamic Terrorists are an empirical fact.


I listen to the talking heads say Islam doesn’t teach this behavior, but have they ever really looked into it themselves? Islam is a religion of anything but Peace. It’s not hard to find out for yourself. You can walk into Barnes and Noble right now and pick a copy of the Koran in English for yourself. From there if you want to know more there are the Hadiths. It doesn’t take much research to see why terrorist are Islamic Terrorists. The teachings of Islam are riddled with acts of violence against non-believers. The muslim world has shown time and time again that it is a barbaric culture that clashes not only with the outside world but with itself. Islam itself suffers from an internal schism between the Shia and the Sunni’s. Muslims themselves are not safe from Islamic Terrorism.


In today’s America we have PC culture and the Social Justice Movement shoved down our throats. Black is white, white is black, Up is down, and down is up. It doesn’t matter what you do these days. It will be twisted against you and you will be verbally beaten down or in some cases physically. Look how Liberals attack the President for not acting in Syria, and now how the respond when he does act in Syria. For all the SJW talk and the Feminist movement where is the talk of how Islam allows women to be treated by Muslim men and even their husbands. If you speak out about the way they are forced to dress it is turned back around on you as an attack on a symbol of Islam, their faith, and their modesty. Tell an American woman that she shouldn’t dress too revealing in public, and you are a sexist, CIS gendered, Patriarchal, Christian, White Male American oppressor. I think that covers all the labels these days. So much for asking for a little modesty. Where is the outrage for how women are treated in the Muslim world? Young women being forced into marriages at a young age. Women who are abused at will because they are just a woman. They are not allowed to walk alone or even drive. Genital mutilation of girls is common in some Muslim communities. When you talk to a Muslim or look into how any of this goes on the common defence is modesty and that it is actually respectful to women. If those defenses are true then Muslim men are among the most, barbaric, and lustful men who have no self control, and therefore Muslim women must be protected from them. I can go on and on with what I have learned about the treatment of women in the Islamic world, but I urge you to do some research yourself.


Now we come to the so called Prophet himself. If Mohammad was a prophet he was a prophet of death, destruction, and the subjugation of women for the pleasure of Muslim men. We don’t have a lot of biographical writings of Muhammad that Muslims will agree upon so it can make it tough to speak specifically to who he was. The closest things we have to biographical writings of Muhammad are the Sura. Muhammad’s father died before he was born and his mother died by the time he was 6. We know he was known as al-ameen which means trustworthy. He married a rich widow around the age of 25 and their marriage was a happy one from what we know. We are to believe that one night when he was in a cave he was visited by the Angel Gabriel who gave him the revelation that is Islam. He originally thought he had encountered a demon but his wife convinced him it was Gabriel and that he was a prophet of God. I personally think his initial response that it was a demon was spot on. Originally he preached peace but the persecution of the Muslims at the hands of the Meccans forced Muhammad and the Muslims to leave for Medina. Once in Medina his movement changed into a political one which is now central to Islam. From Medina Muhammad used his newfound power to attack Meccan caravans to retaliate for how Muslims had been treated. He failed 6 times to attack caravans but was successful on the 7th attempt. The Meccans began guarding their caravans in response to the attacks. Muhammad attacked other groups of people such as the Jewish settlement in Khaybar. Shortly after his conquest of Mecca it was revealed that Muslims were to fight Non-Muslims until they converted or were killed.


To this day Muslims regard Muhammad as God’s greatest example of a moral life to be followed. Their basis is that since he is God’s greatest profit he must be good despite his worst deeds and actions. Muhammad would go on to order the killings of those who wrote poems against him and against Islam. One was a 100 year old man, and the other was a woman. As the Muslims continued their conquest of other people’s Muhammad revealed that the Muslim men could do with the woman as they pleased. Even if the women were married. This verse of the Qur’an (4:24), along with others (23:1-6; 33:50; 70:22-30) speak to this very thing. One of the most horrific things was allowing Muslim men to take girls who hadn’t even reached puberty. Muhammad himself began to court a girl when she was 6 and later married her at 9 because he said God told him to do it in a dream. Today Muslims believe that Muhammad was morally perfect. They believe that an examination of his life will prove that he was a prophet. When one does the research the evidence shows that Muhammad was far from morally perfect, and that there’s no good reason to believe that he was sent by God. There is a world of difference between the Muhammad of history and the Muhammad of the Islamic faith. You can contrast this with the historical Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus was a miracle worker, who claimed to be divine, died on the cross, and rose from the dead 3 days later. A meticulous historical investigation confirms all of these beliefs. While Christians have absolutely nothing to fear from an examination of early historical sources, history is a huge problem for Islam.


I am convinced when it comes down to it Islam is the problem. Islam is not a “Religion of Peace”. Our nation has had run ins with the Muslim world since Thomas Jefferson sent the Navy to deal with the Barbary Pirates of the coast of Africa. Though the tactics may have changed, Islam remains the underlying common denominator. The sooner we open our eyes to this truth, the sooner we as a people can deal with Islamic terrorism.

“I’d rather die standing up than live on my knees.” —Stephane Charbonnier (1967-2015)

5 thoughts on “Palm Sunday, 2017

  1. I respect that you actually took your time to look up information on Muslims,(albeit false information.) But, I am going to have to disagree with you. First of all you at judging the whole Muslim religion on what a few crazy people did. Would you judge the whole Christian religion based on what

    • I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this. I stand behind my research on Islam though. One has simply to look at what is happening in Europe to see what Islam is about and how it will force other to adapt to it rather than people adapting to where they moved to.

      • I am Muslim and I can see why you would think that all Muslims are terrorists. If I was put in your shoes, I probably would have thought the same thing, but I am not and I am grateful for that because I actually have an insight on this and am not brainwashed by the media. Read the Quran and I am not talking about a few pages I mean the WHOLE book. I guarantee you will like it. I can be persistent, I am a 13 year old girl after all. God bless you!!🙂

  2. Sorry submitted it on accident. As I was saying, would you judge Christianity based on what Pat Robertson or what Mathew Hale did? No, you wouldn’t. You would say that they are just crazy. But, if a Muslim does it then they’re a terrorist. I am not saying to excuse their behavior. I am saying that not all Muslim are terrorists. In fact, it clearly states in the Quran that you are forbidden to kill. You are even forbidden to gossip about people behind their back, but to kill, it is said that you would go straight to hell. You also mentioned that there wasn’t any historical fact on Islam, you would be incorrect again because archeologists lately found a Quran in Birmingham that was written two decades after Prophet Muhammad’s death. And guess what? It has the same exact words as today’s Quran. You have no proof when the bible was written and who it was written by. It probably says that this MAY have been written by John or Mathew. Key word is may. So as you can see, as I mentioned before, you are incorrect.

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